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Discover the SUPERUNIVERSE - a bold mix of cryptocurrency and carefully curated lifestyle experiences

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Super Kombat

Join or buy a league from 32 available ones, participate through fantasy games, betting or activities.

Dream Makers

Global scouting for new talents and ideas, making dreams happen. Turn your dream into reality and do something extraordinary.


Through multi marketing deals, Superuniverse is offering a wide range of products and services, major discounts from top suppliers and unique benefits using the SuperKoin.


Using our strong network, we offer banking services, starting from opening accounts, customized cards, loialty points and access to different lifestyle options.


Using our own production company, we make product placement possible, in order to push new talents to global media.

Fantasy Games

Dedicated fantasy games through geolocation to give rewards for the members: sport events, lifestyle events, activations.



Enjoy a super universe where investing gets you places. A one of a kind experience that takes you to the world’s rarest events and highlights a life full of benefits.

Our platforms acts as a high-end coin that allows you to play with your dreams. Whether you are seeking to get access and attend the most famous events and parties or to invest in 32 SuperKombat leagues and join the games, our team is ready to help you create memories.

Depending on the category of interest, you can choose anything that suits you, from luxury products and services to lifestyle experiences with the world’s most wanted audience at the Oscars, Cannes or Paris Fashion Week, just to name a few.

We deliver unforggetable excelence. A 360 degreee system dedicated to making people's dreams come true.

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About SK


  • Open a revolutionary system made up of a successful combination of elements through which you have faster access to top events, businessmen, influencers, entrepreneurs, talents, all depending on how big your dreams are or who you want to be.
  • Buy and invest in a SuperKoin that helps you uncover a premium universe, from private jets and 5 stars hotels, to cocktails on Burj Kalifa and yacht parties with the most famous people in the world.
  • Get access to high potential networks all around the world. Want to become a Holywood star? We connect you with the right people in the industry.
  • Create long lasting relationships and develop business ideas with the world’s leading figures.
  • I Success International Awards in partnership with Forbes. Join a unique branding and networking opportunity as we celebrate the greatest accomplishments of businesses and talented people from around the world.
  • SuperKombat Fighting Championships ranked as Europe’s premier kickboxing league. Buy your own team and play the game.
  • We are the dream makers.
    From promotion packages and product placement to opportunities to star in movies or simply fund one, we make sure you achieve success.

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    About SK

    How all started

    SK founder

    Our motivated founder

    Eduard Irimia

    Founder & CEO

    Known by people as one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in entertainment and business, doing incredible things in a really short time, Irimia’s most famous elements are Superkombat, Superfilm and Dreammakers - all these elements integrated in the SuperKoin token.

    Coming from an area of sports production and entertainment, with a strong background in discovering future talents or hidden gems, for Eduard Irimia it only came natural to join forces with Cristian Voaides, a financial expert and the mastermind behind Welthee, a revolutionary online platform that makes investment accessible to everyone. They created a SuperUniverse where investing gets you places, with a token that makes dreams come true. SuperKoin delivers a one of a kind experience that takes you to the world’s rarest events and highlights a life full of benefits.

    About SK

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    SK Investing

    Welthee Wallet

    Welthee is a disruptive wealth-creation platform that empowers users to have multiple streams of passive income in a risk-free way. It's mission is to change the way people invest and trade, by easing the process and making it more friendly and accessible to non-investors and entry-level investors. The platform addresses all typologies of investors - low-risk tolerance, medium risk tolerance and high-risk tolerance, by creating common portfolios. This makes Welthee a safe variable risk wealth creation platform, which includes risk-free transactions.

    he platform is designed to meet most investing needs while creating a great user experience. The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate and use, allowing users to have passive and active income strategies, diverse portfolios, fiat on-ramps, debit cards linked to the wallet, and exchange or send funds anywhere in the world, all with a zero threshold of entry. It’s everything you need from a bank, and more.

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